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Bra Shopping Online: WHY?

December 5, 2017

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Bra Shopping Online: WHY?

December 5, 2017


Online shopping has become more and more popular over the years even when it comes to bra shopping.  Why are we making it harder on ourselves?  I get women telling me things like, "I hate bra shopping" or "bra shopping takes me forever and it is so uncomfortable." Well I know that these reasons can drive a woman to online shopping, but is that really the solution?


The Bra Chick has done her research on this matter and has some interesting findings. The number one complaint I have found about online bra stores is the lack of customer service.  I don't want to say DUH, but that is what comes to mind because you are working with a computer and people whom you have never met and may not have the necessary bra fitting experience as a specialty bra boutique.  


Number two complaint is returns and exchanges.  I have combed through hundreds of reviews for multiple online bra stores and let me tell you, some of the issues women are having with returns and exchanges is shocking. If something doesn't fit and you follow the "Try it before you buy it" motto then a return or exchange should be simple. WRONG!  Many women expressed how the companies would find something wrong with their return in order to give them a lesser credit or no credit at all.  Also, some of these companies are making women pay twice for shipping.  Why in the world would you shop there again after dealing with the difficulties of those customer service calls?


Number three complaint is quality control. As a woman if I am going to spend $40-$100 on a bra it better look amazing when it arrives to my house. As women we wear bras everyday and all day, we should not have to worry if the dent in the bra can be seen by other people or just me. This detective even found some women complaining of a rash that they got from wearing a company's bras. I don't know about you but that is not something I look for in a bra. 


For my final finding, I am going to just tell you what some women have said about online bra shopping.

"I wasted my time and money trying to buy bras online."

"The size chart was confusing."

"I don't understand. I followed the size chart according to the instructions and the bra I ordered was too small."

"I can't begin to tell you how many bras are in my drawer that I ordered online and did not fit."


Now, I understand that not every experience is like this, but in my opinion this does not sound easier. Buying a bra is important and being comfortable and feeling good about yourself while doing this is key. Find a place where you get one on one attention with a fitter. Make sure that the bra fits not only your needs and wants but your body type. 


So just remember, "We've got your Ta-Tas Covered!"

-The Bra Chick

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